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Choosing A Vessel Sink

Here are some factors you need to consider when getting a vessel sink for your bathroom:

Factor 1: Plumbing and Faucet

Consider plumbing, most especially your faucet. Vessel sinks are usually mounted atop the counter top deck, so a regular 5-inch high faucet will not do. There are special vessel sink faucets and they come in two types: wall-mounted and deck-mounted.

Deck-mounted vessel faucets are needed for vessel sinks that are tall, and they usually have a goose neck type of design that enables the faucet to reach way above the vessel edge to give you enough space to wash your hands. They are easiest to install since it only takes insertion into your countertop hole and uses the existing plumbing under your counter. Wall-mounted faucets, on the other hand, are quite complicated and needs some form of preparation. This is feasible if you are building a new house or if you completely demolished your old one. Faucets like this require cold and water lines to run through your wall and installed above the vessel sink basin level, before the faucet can be attached to the wall and positioned so that the spout reaches outwards to the middle of the basin.

Factor 2: The Material

Glass is the most popular and most widely-available vessel sink material today. They come in different color combinations and can even have printed images placed between glass layers. They are relatively cheap, very easy to clean up and maintain. But they can also break fairly easily. Quick temperature changes drain over-tightening, improper installation and strong impact can cause it to crack or even shatter. If you would like glass vessel sinks, make sure that you choose one that is made of tempered glass as it will mostly likely not do damage on to your countertop in case it breaks.

Stone, tied with copper vessel sinks are the next most popular materials. There are a variety of stone vessel sinks including the ones made of marble, onyx, granite, soapstone, travertine and many others. By far, marble, granite and marble are the more popular ones. Sinks made of stone is truly unique since each of them is hand-carved from one single piece of natural stone. You will never expect to find two stone vessel sinks that are identical. Natural materials like stone give out a relaxed and warm atmosphere, and stone vessel sinks are good eye-catchers. They come in many shapes, the most practical and popular of which is the stone bowl. The downside to stone sinks however, is that they tend to absorb and hold water, so you need to have it cleaned regularly and sealed with stone sealer solution once a year (at least).

Copper sinks are also popular as it has a very beautiful finish. Copper constantly reacts with the environment so factors such as temperature, water mineral content and moisture determine what the sink will look like in a few years. They usually need regular cleaning, but only with soap and water, and they are best kept dry after every use to prevent an uneven patina layer. If you prefer a copper sink, it would be best to choose one that has thick shells since they are more durable, rigid and do not sound like tin when. Other common materials include ceramic, porcelain and wood but are not commonly used as the former are plain-looking and latter needs routine cleaning and maintenance.

Your choices for vessel sinks are limitless. Before picking out the one you want to buy, consider all your options, determine how much maintenance you are willing to work at, and your budget. Vessel sinks may cost you much more than ordinary sinks, but it can give your bathroom a natural warm and secure feeling that is well worth the investment.

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