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Choosing Your Bathroom Faucet

One of the most commonly ignored accessories in the bathroom is the faucet. Home owners think that they can simply use and type or any size of faucet which they'd like so that they give prioritize flooring tile designs, the color of the lavatory, or other furniture design appropriate for the bathroom. They tend to put faucets at the very end of their priority list, not considering how central faucets are in terms of bathroom function.

When choosing bathroom faucets, there are a few factors to consider. You do not just pick out anything you feel like picking out. Here are some important considerations to think about:

1. Style, Size and Color
Choose a faucet color and design that will match the decoration and the overall style of your bathroom. Also, try not to buy faucets that have patterns on it skin or texture as it will be very difficult to clean once mounted. It doesn't have to be very shiny, but it should be resistant enough to dirt and scratches.

You should also choose a faucet that has just the right size for your sink. You would not want a faucet too small for a big sink, or one that is too big for a small sink. It also has to fit right into the mounting hole of the sink you chose.

2. Faucet Type
Choose the particular faucet design whose function and usage matches your needs. There are a lot of types of faucets, nowadays, and they basically belong to two categories depending on where they attach: wall-mounted faucets and sink-mounted faucets.

Wall-mounted faucets have been famous in the past but the major drawback for this type comes up when you need to fix, service or replace it. You would need to have your wall cracked down in order to remove and replace it with a new one; this whole process might cost you a lot of money and may be time-consuming. Home owners now prefer the sink-mounted type of faucets for this reason.

3. Faucet Function
Faucet can also come with single or double control levers. Single control levers are more common and can be installed directly into the sink. This allows convenient and easy temperature and flow control. Double handled faucets, on the other hand, are best for precise flow and temperature adjustment since the hot and cold controls are separate. You would need to choose between the two depending on how you need your faucet to be. This can be especially significant if you have children or elders in your family. Faucets with pull-out sprays are now becoming popular as well. Sprays can be very convenient for cleaning and washing purposes.

From all these factors mentioned, you will probably realize that choosing your bathroom faucet is not as simple as you thought it is. It is not easy, and it should not be ignored. Choosing your faucet is as important as choosing your tiles, your sink and your bathroom interior design in general. So, choose wisely.

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