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Vessel Sinks

Years ago, when you enter any bathroom, you would almost be sure that you will see a plain white porcelain type or cast-iron type sink. Today, however, there are a lot of different types of sinks made of different materials that come in different shapes, colors and textures. So now, you'll never know what kind of sink will greet you.

Vessel sinks are considered to be the most elegant sink type available today. They are, in truth, just an innovation of an old world (read: antique) invention, which is the wash basin. Wash basins in the 18th and 19th century were generally just a common bowl made of porcelain placed on top of a table or a counter and usually filled with warm water. This core idea hasn't changed much, they look just like what they were then, but they are now equipped with drains that allows water to empty.

The trend in bathrooms now comes from the fact that the vanity area has turned into the focal point of any bathroom. Thus, when renovating bathroom or constructing a new house, the homeowner must choose the best sink that will fit his/her taste, bathroom design and needs. If you are someone who wants something timeless yet trendy, vessel sinks are definitely for you. However, before going and choosing the type of vessel sink you want, bear in mind that vessel sinks are not ideal for family bathroom - they are not convenient for use of small children because they will most likely not be able to reach into the bowl since there is some extra height involved. But, if you do not share your bathroom with children and you want a unique, centerpiece in your bathroom, then vessel sinks are for you.

Before setting out to buy your sink, however, here are some important rules to follow:

  1. First, consider the material, style, color and shape that you want for your sink. These factors are important as it determines the height of your countertop, the mounting method as well as the countertop deck material. Try to choose a sink that is thick, durable and does not need that much maintenance.
  2. Second, consider the space where you plan to put your vessel sink in. Make sure that you have enough area to accommodate the sink that you like as well as the accessories, while maintaining ample space away from the wall and the counter edge to prevent leaning.
  3. Find out how many bathroom users you will probably have. If you have a large family, you may not want to opt for a glass sink as it is very susceptible to breakage. Remember that the shelf life of your sink will depend greatly on the foot traffic going around it. Guest bathrooms and power rooms are best for these sinks.
  4. Vessel sink prices range from as low as $50 to $10,000! Find one that exactly fits your budget, without compromising quality, of course. There are a wide variety of vessel sinks out in the market today. If you want a unique bathroom that exudes elegance, warmth and coziness, go for these types of sinks and make sure you choose one that's perfect for you and your bathroom.

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